Salsa, Salsa, Margarita

Here is a blog from our friend Rick who recently cheated on the Mouse, but found a great excursion in Cozumel.  I think we may have to try that next time we are there!

We are just back from Cozumel on RCI’s Navigator of the Seas (what a beautiful ship) out of Ft Lauderdale.  Everyone (party of 4) had a great time and we went on the best excursion ever and just had to share!

Salsa, Salsa, Margarita takes about 4.5 hours and is held at a luxury hotel near the port. We all assembled on a covered outdoor balcony with a beautiful view of the ship and the sea. Fans were everywhere and the breeze felt great. When you sit down you are given a chef’s hat (toke) an apron… and a frozen margarita!

The trick about the margarita is that it will be constantly filled for the next few hours making it effectively a bottomless margarita (you can tell everyone on the boat you only had one drink!)

The fun starts as your dancing chef hostesses  teach you first how to make a “real” margarita (equal parts tequila and cointreau) a squeeze of lime juice and ice… quite delicious! Then we all learn how to make a strawberry margarita and watermelon water. It is interactive and we each had our own bar sets, cutting boards, raw materials (fruits, tomatoes, peppers, etc.) and our own mortar and pestle… so you work along on your own as you follow your fellow (randomly selected) cruise mates who take turns leading the class.

Next we learn how to make 7 different salsas. (You will never buy Salsa again!) and they bring you chips, chicken taquitos and cheese quesadillas to sample your creations. There’s a basic red salsa, salsa verde, guacamole, pico de gallo, tropical salsa, melon mix salsa, and a dessert salsa. I won’t ruin the surprise but let’s just say the dessert salsa will be a treat!!!!

Remember, all along the way your glass has been refilled constantly and the good folks are kind enough to provide you a recipe list so you can recreate the creations at home in the event you….”lose track” of what you have done.

Next we take a break clean up the mess (there will be one!) and learn to Salsa dance! Quite a good time so bring a camera to document this event!

Finally you have about 1.5 hours to swim in the ocean or enjoy the islands largest pool complex!

It was a perfect afternoon and a great time… we would do it again in a minute!  Cost was $88 bucks per person and worth every penny!

They can be found on Facebook at Salsa and Salsa and online at

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  1. Posted by Todd on April 18, 2011 at 8:08 PM

    $88 for that excursion? That sounds like a steal!!! Is it sanctioned by any of the cruise lines or is it an independent?


  2. I believe you can only reserve this through the cruise lines in Cabo and Cozumel, but in Mazatlan you can book this independently. Rumor has it they are working out details with Disney Cruise Lines!


  3. Posted by Stephanie on November 7, 2011 at 1:52 PM

    We just got back from Royal Car. Freedom of the Seas and took this excursion–what a deal! It was very fun and interactive. The salsa were amazing and the margaritas hit the spot! I didn’t think anyone could teach my husband and I to salsa, but these ladies did it. It was soooo easy. The time flew by and we had to get right back to the ship so we did not get to enjoy the beautiful hotel that this was held in. (We did get a few pictures) My only regret is that we didn’t get our salsa dancing on film, I am sure it was amusing.


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