Rainforest Room on the Disney Dream

While on one of our sailings, we decided to get the Rainforest Room past. This is something we have always enjoyed on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. The experience is quite different on the Disney Dream.

The Senses Spa reception area is nicer than on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. More inviting.

Here are some photos of the Rainforest Room. The room is brighter, more open, than on the other ships. We have always felt before that the room was more tranquil.

This is the view when you come into the room. The showers and steam/sauna rooms are to the left, some water and towels to the right and lounge chairs and hottubs straight ahead.

Looking toward the showers and steam/saunas.

This was a gentle steam room, though it did get pretty hot on the benches and floors.

Heavy Steam Room.


Three of the showers.

The Cool Mist Experience is the largest of the showers. Many of the showers in addition to the different types of spray include different scents.

Shower heads for the Rainforest Shower

The Waterfall option is a cooler water from the spout on the wall. The Warm Rain is very warm with the shower head in the middle on top. Kneipp is a combination of the two.

Shower heads for the Water Fun shower.

The Atlantic Ocean is the longest shower experience. All of these use multiple shower heads, and flashing lights for the lightening.

Shower heads for Tropical Thunder shower.

The Tropical Rain and Southern Storm both have cool and warm waters. The Cold Mist is just, well, a cold mist.

Shower heads for the Cool Mist Experience.

Cold mist is just a cool mist. Siberian Night is similar to the Cold Mist, but has a different scent.

Looking towards the entrance of the Rainforest Room. There is a water feature on the opposite side.

The windows outside by the hottub are open in the middle.

I am not fond of the benches. I used to like to get a lounge and rest there with the warmth of the tiles surrounding me. These benches are flat, not curved to your body shape. Additionally, they do not get as warm as they did on the classic ships. While we were there, someone asked a cast member about this and the temperatures are supposed to be very low.

We might try a day pass to this room in the future, but I don’t think I will do a cruise long pass again.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by JJ D. on April 29, 2012 at 11:37 AM

    Trying to find this online before my cruise in June. Did you reserve the pass online before, or did you get the pass when you got on the ship?


  2. I am looking at purchasing a pass for one of my clients. Does the pass include the use of the hot tub? Was it a relaxing experience? Worth the cost?


    • Yes it does include use of the two hot tubs out there. Personally, I’m not as much of a fan of the Rainforest room on the new ships as I am on the classic ships. I found the lounge chairs to be more like slabs with slight curves and not very warm. The showers and the steam/sauna rooms were nice though!


  3. Posted by Andrea on January 13, 2014 at 3:44 PM

    I’m planning on a family cruise this August and if me and my grandma want to go to the rainforest spa (we’re not in the same stateroom), can we still get the “couples” price? I can’t seem to find this information anywhere!


    • I’m fairly certain you can do this but also not finding the information. I asked about this before since sometimes we have families of five where the parents are in separate rooms.


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