Stateroom Tours on the Disney Dream

While on the Maiden voyage of the Disney Dream, we had the opportunity to see quite a few cabins. I wanted to share some photos with you of the rooms we toured with some notes about each of these. We definitely have some secret favorites for this ship!

We also took some time to map the room locations a bit better as we know the ship map isn’t exactly drawn to scale. Both of our rooms on the Christening and Maiden voyages ended up a little further from or closer to the elevators than we thought they would. Laundry rooms as well are not marked. Here is a photo of the laundry room on deck 10.

The laundry rooms on the Disney Dream vary in size. Deck 10′s room is fairly small with only 2 washers and 4 dryers. Some of the other decks had much larger rooms. The staterooms closest to the laundry rooms are:

  • 2002 (around the corner from this room)
  • 5192 (near, but not across)
  • 5190 (near, but not across)
  • 6508 (very large, but not directly across from this room)
  • 7014 (near, but not across)
  • 8148 (tucked around the corner)
  • 9500 (very large)
  • 10572

Before we start with the tour, we were in a category 5A on two of the sailings. Here are some photos of the split bath design, which is the same in all categories from 10A through 9A, 6B through 5A, except for rooms that have a roll in shower. We are able to identify these by looking at the original map of the Disney Dream which labeled them as wheelchair accessible. While they are no longer wheelchair accessible, they do have a walk in shower rather than a split bathroom.

Now on to the tour! We started with a balcony, category 6B room 5190. The inside is basically the same as the category 5A, so here is a photo of the balcony.

Next we went to category 5E. The category 5E balconies are larger than the other category 5 staterooms as they extend further. The disadvantage to this is that when you are on the end of your balcony, the people in the balconies above can look down on you. There is still a covered portion of your balcony so this isn’t as bad as some of the other ships I have seen with this design. The room we viewed was 5150, which is one of my secret picks. Besides having a double deep balcony, this room is also triple wide!

Next we moved to the category 10A, a deluxe inside stateroom. This has the split bath design and the virtual porthole.

The next was the 11B, a standard inside. The room itself didn’t seem that much smaller than the 10A, but it did have a single bath.

Next we moved to the 6A stateroom, on the corner in the back. Room 9670 is another pick for me.

We moved then to another 6A on the back of the ship. Again, this has a larger balcony than some of the 5A to 5D staterooms, but it is slightly obstructed.

We then went to the front of the ship and saw a category 9A, deluxe oceanview stateroom. The one we saw was on the corner of the ship, room 8504.

Next we went down to category 8A. This is a deluxe family stateroom with portholes. These rooms sleep 3 to 4 and are very interesting to me. The room we saw was 6014. This is an accessible room so it has the roll in shower. We have heard that all of these have a single bathroom, some accessible and some standard.

Now was the big treat of the tour. We went up to view some of the concierge rooms! I will start with a category V. After I uploaded the photos, I realized that I had the wrong room number on the photos. These are stateroom 11006, an accessible category V.

Next we went into the category T, one bedroom suite.

Finally, we were able to see one of the two Royal Suites. We toured the Roy Suite, stateroom 12502.

If you have photos of rooms you would like to add to our collection, please email me at

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sharon on July 7, 2012 at 11:46 AM

    Thank you for the pictures… Im booked on dream for feb 10- what would be the biggest family room for 5 people.on the dream. Would love the help…


    • You are already booked? Are you booked directly through Carnival? Do they have you in one room already with five people ore are you looking to change to five people? I’m happy to help, just email me at


      • Posted by hewene on July 22, 2012 at 9:48 PM

        You know, tracy, you might get more customers if you were observant enough to notice that the article is about the DISNEY Dream, not Carnival. Just sayin’.

      • I wrote the article after having been on the Disney Dream and not on the Carnival Dream so I am aware which ship it is about. Having now been on the Carnival Dream, I’d be happy to show you the difference between the two.

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